Armenian Gamprs

When we started on our farming adventure back in ~2014, we knew we needed to protect our investment of small animals with Livestock Guardian Dogs. After some research, we decided to try our the Armenian Gampr dog. Over the years we have grown in love with this breed - there is simply no other breed of dog we will ever have again.


Our 26 acres is in the middle of a large predator zone in Washoe Valley. We have mountain lions, bears, & coyotes that often come through our neighbors properties. But never, not once, have we ever lost an animal to a predator on our land. Our dogs do an incredible job of protection and never let up.

We have since selectively started breeding our dogs to share this amazing & rare breed with others. Most of our customers to date were originally just visitors to our farm, only to fall in love with our dogs and want one of their own! All of our puppies spend the first 3 months on the farm with us, get their starter vaccines, and learn from our pack. They are all registered with AGCA (American Gampr Club of America) and are OFA tested when the time comes. 

If you are interested in a Gampr please reach out to us through the contact page on this website.


Annie came to us from White Rose Farm in Michigan in mid 2020. She is a very sweet girl and always looking for our attention. She is extremely docile towards all livestock and is showing great attentiveness to her duties thus far. We love our Annie!


Gabby is our biggest girl and resident goofball gampr. She is playful with puppies, loves throwing her body around the pasture, and seems to enjoy life on the farm the most. Though playful with other dogs, she keeps it calm around our KuneKune pigs and Nigerian goats. Gabby is a great alert dog with her deep bark and is very alert for any suspicious activity around the farm!


Havi is the first dog we have kept from our breeding here at Old Washoe. She is the offspring of two of our favorites - Hilde and Hank. She has her mother's sweetness along with her father's intelligence and has been an excellent addition to our pack. We look forward to seeing her develop further into adulthood.

Lil' Hill Brunhilde of Washoe Valley

Hilde is one of our original gamprs and the primary reason we fell in love with the breed. She is a wonderful leader of our pack, amazing with our children, and gentle with animals. Every goat kidding season, she usually saves at least a couple kids that are born in the middle of the night by assisting in cleanup. She is the best the breed has to offer.

T'Aguhu Uzh Calhoun of Zorik's Alagyaz

Calhoun was our first import from Armenia and a very unique addition to the genetic pool here in the states. She is a quiet, ferocious little gampr that could be mistaken for a giant coyote! We joke that all our males have to do is to sniff on her to get her pregnant - she has been a great dam with proven offspring.

T'Aguhu Uzh Hank of Zorik's Alagyaz

Hank came to us as an Armenian import in 2019 and pretty much immediately took the mantle as "alpha" of our pack. He is stoic, extremely intelligent, with impressive strength and athletic ability. On the other hand, he takes to people very well and loves a good pet! He often is the first greeter to any farm visitors and a great guardian for our animals

T'Aguhu Uzh Timothy of Zorik's Alagyaz

Tim has been another fantastic import to our herd coming to us from Armenia in 2019. While he doesn't possess the sheer strength and "alphaness" as his buddy Hank, he is also an extremely smart dog who constantly patrols the fenceline of the farm. Tim is very alert during the night (but quiet) and like all of our dogs, sweet around our children.